Stress Management – 5 Steps Plan Kindle Ebook by Subodh Gupta

Stress Management a Holistic Approach – 5 Steps Plan (Ebook) kindle edition is released by author Subodh Gupta. You may have any kind of problem or issue in your life, once you follow the 5 steps described in this book you are on your way to Stress Free life.

Stress management book

Stress management book by celebrity trainer & consultant Subodh Gupta

Stress management ebook by Subodh GuptaThe new e kindle edition of “Stress Management A Holistic Approach” authored by celebrity trainer Subodh Gupta is released and available on Amazon at £2.98 only.

According to the author Subodh Gupta, “If there is a problem then there has to be a solution and this book is all about solution”.

Many illnesses such as diabetes, migraine, asthma, ulcer and even cancer arise because of excessive stress over a period of time. This book presents a holistic and a practical five steps plan to managing stress in your life.

This is a concise ebook (kindle edition) of around 80 pages, based on practical life experiences. The purpose of this book is that once you have finished reading it, you are ready to come out of your stressful situation no matter where you are in your life.

According to stress counsellor and celebrity trainer Subodh Gupta, “majority of people who get easily stressed are the one who think too much about their problem”. He added that “people fail to realise that things don’t happen of their own, you have to make them happen. The problematic issue will be solved only if you take decision and follow consistent action”.

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By Subodh Gupta Author and Celebrity Personal Trainer based in London
Subodh Gupta has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles appear regularly in magazines and newspapers in India and in the UK.He has organised more than 500 workshops on wellness for various companies such as Oracle, Sapient, International Data Corporations, etc.



Author of 8 books available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles. We believe in wellness training for managing stress, weight loss and fitness with the help of yoga, nutrition, counselling and palm reading. Subodh Gupta is a certified yoga trainer in the UK

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